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Dickey, Susan K., Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
Dickey, O.P., Susan K., Diocese of Springfield
Dietrich, Donald J., Boston College
Dillon, Michael R., La Salle University
Dillon, Michele, University of New Hampshire
Dinges, William D.
Dinges, William D., The Catholic University of America
Disserations, contents
Dissertations, abstracts
Dissertations, contents
Dolan, Jay P., University of Notre Dame
Donohue, William A.
Donovan, John T., California State University
Doody, Colleen, De Paul University
Dougherty, F.S.C., Jospeh, La Salle University
Downey, Jack, Fordham University
Doyle, Dennis M.
Doyle, SCN, Mary Ellen
Doyle, SCN, Mary Ellen, Spalding University
Dries, Angelyn, Cardinal Stritch University
Dries, O.S.F., Angelyn, Saint Louis University
Dries, OSF, Angelyn, Saint Louis University
Droel, William, National Center for the Laity
Duncan, Jason K., Aquinas College
Dwyer, Kevin F., Merrimack College

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